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It was fun while it lasted.

In light of this staff post, I'm going to be leaving Waterfall indefinitely. I want to emphasize that this is not because I disagree with the content policy itself, but because I take umbrage with the lead dev's apparent belief that academic credentials make one qualified to speak authoritatively about strangers' trauma and coping methods, and his general refusal to listen to and learn from the experiences of the people who are actually facing these issues.

In short: if your response to being told that "Have you tried therapy?" is an insensitive and inappropriate thing to say to a trauma survivor is to bang out a couple paragraphs about why psychological theory totally proves you're in the right, rather than to, y'know, apologize for being insensitive, you're not someone whose website I feel comfortable using.

Most of you who follow my blog already know where to find me, but I feel like I should drop a few links anyways: I'll probably go crawling back to my Tumblr, and I never really left my Twitter, and oh yeah, I keep wanting to use Mastodon more often, so here's that one as well.

The city of Lebanon, Ohio attempts an Interstate highway shield.

Believe it or not, this sign is actually an improvement over the previous incarnation, as viewed here via Google Street View.

Sometimes a family is a feminist politician with dyed hair and her transgender teenage daughter. 💖

The fact that both these signs exist is so satisfying.

(I have no idea why Google Maps blurred the Grand Army of the Republic Highway emblem)

Do you ever go through the McDonald's drive-thru and you just order a drink, so they just hand it to you at the first window? And then you have to try to maneuver your car out of the drive-thru line early? And you feel a little awkward becuase you know it looks to the other people in line like you're just skipping out, but it's like, well, what am I supposed to do, just pull up to the second window and say "hi, I have no reason to be here! 😀"?

Anyways this french vanilla iced coffee was pretty good

bigenderfenris -

special reminder that nonbinary does not mean "neither a man or a woman", it means "outside of the gender binary" which can include being neither, can include being both, and can include being fluid between multiple identities

y'all share where you're from

clovers -

it can be as vague as a country, or as specific as a town! I just want us to bond and maybe even find some people to relate to!!! I'm from Ohio, and it has a lot of corn

peachy-queer -

Maryland US. Everything is crabs and Old Bay and I hate both

kremdelacreme -

The Heart of New England: Rich Conservative DLC

foxrockit -

oklahoma. just had to go hide in the tornado shelter yesterday.

emydoidea -

I’m from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA. I’m specifying the city because Pitt, Philly and The Rest of PA are all completely different. In Pittsburgh we have a lot of eastern European influences and also sandwiches with french fries and coleslaw on them. Primanti’s is the superior PA sandwich and I will fight a Philadelphian over this (jk)

rosefairy -

I'm from Puerto Rico, I live in a place where there's poor citizens. My mom would often go and give them clothes we don't need anymore and help around. And uh, there's beaches and fiesta, also delicious food. Like rice with chicken and beans, pasteles, and empanadillas. (idk if there's an english word for the last two lol)

mariiyetti -

I'm from Minnesota in the US! The town I live in isn't technically a town, its a village (population of about 500 i think?) and it's essentially just three thrift stores, two gas stations, and a church

pweacho -

Los angeles! Im in a small area where its mostly latino based and its nice!! lov the food and culture there :)

poelantern -

oklahoma as well 👌 gotta love them tornadoes

curestar -

i live within 45 minutes of nyc :/

planetjane -

southeastern Pennsylvania

I live in Chicago now, it's better here.

princess-alice -

lived in Ohio all my life

our state flag is a weird shape

Here's a strange observation: the official map of Ohio state parks uses the proper shield for Interstate highways, but uses a generic circle marker for both state highways and U.S. highways. 🤔

i'm developing a u.s. route 50 obsession

send help

This drawing was part of a series of Pride related drawings I never finished haha. It dates back all the way to summer 2016, and I'm still very happy with it.

(I may do more for it in the future if I can find the spoons though)

Apparently “actions speak louder than words” is a difficult concept for some people

I often come across people who will say “I have nothing against trans people!”

They then proceed to…

  • Intentionally misgender trans people, refusing to use the correct pronouns

  • Advocate for public policy that would open trans people to discrimination

  • Vote for politicians who would implement such policies

  • Publicly mock trans people for their appearance

After all this, if you call these people transphobes, their response will inevitably be:

“Why are you calling me transphobic? Didn’t I tell you I have no problem with trans people??”

Yes, it’s a real mystery, that one. 🙄

I'm gonna go ahead and speed, thanks

Here's a question for all y'all.

Who's your favorite Alice in Wonderland character?

I'm curious.

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there are only 4 genders: moss, dark moss, light theme, and hellsite traditional

Reblog if you bless the rains down in Africa

A mildly satisfying story of workers getting the last laugh against an overbearing boss

A few years ago, during the holiday season, I worked a temp position for a popular gift distributor. For the sake of my privacy, I won't name the company, but it's the kind of place that people mainly order from around Valentine's Day and Christmas, so they had brought on a lot of people around October and were keeping us on through December.

By the week before Christmas, a lot of us had come to a weird realization: we were untouchable. We didn't fear being fired, because we were about to lose our jobs in a few days anyways. More than that, however, we knew the management wouldn't dare to fire us, because the rush orders were still piling in, and it was so close to Christmas that finding anyone to replace us for the last four or five days would be more of a hassle than just putting up with us.

One day, two or three or days before our final day, my team was working an assembly line. People near the start of the line were assembling the gifts and I was with a couple guys near the end of the line packing the gifts into shipping boxes. Our boss wasn't satisfied with our progress, so she came over and cranked the speed of the conveyor belt way up. The line was suddenly moving absurdly fast, and we were having trouble keeping up.

Now, the one firm rule our boss had set out for us was that nobody but her was to touch the conveyor belt controls. Anyone who did so would get written up. But we were frustrated enough with the unreasonable expectations put upon us and confident enough in our untouchability that we hatched a plan: what if someone were to slow down the conveyor belt, and, in an amazing "coincidence", nobody else in our dozen-person team were to see who did it? Nobody could get written up then, right?

Obviously, it didn't take long for our boss to realize that somebody had slowed down the conveyor belt. She demanded to know who did it, but we kept to our story: We'd all been so busy trying to keep up with the oh-so-fast-moving line that nobody saw who touched the controls. I gotta say, I always love this kind of plan, becuase the authority figure can tell right away that you're all lying to protect each other, but they have no way of proving it, so they can't actually punish you.

Not that she didn't try. The boss was livid, so she tried to give us a hard time by making us switch places: the people who usually assembled the gifts would be packing them and the people who usually packed them would be assembling them. This, however, backfired, because it turns out that giving people unfamiliar jobs makes them work even more slowly and makes your entire assembly line take a performance hit. She was forced to let us switch back.

So that's the story of how some disgruntled temps got kinda pissy and got a lil bit petty towards our boss. I guess it's not so exciting when i put it that way. Oh, well.

Things that actually happened on Riverdale

myrdradek -
  • Archie formed two separate fascist paramilitary organizations in a single season

  • Cheryl recruited a gang of bad girls and taught them to be expert archers. At the end of season 3, they kill a small army of dudes in gargoyle masks

  • One of the minor characters in season 3 is Kurtz, a man who has gone insane from playing too much D&D while high on PCP

  • Jughead's mom gets into a fight against another woman while both wield sai like they're fucking ninja turtles

  • Betty gave a striptease to Gary Jules' Mad World in order to join her boyfriend's gang

  • The local gang, the Southside Serpents, start as an adult biker gang, transition into a youth gang, and are now the improptu DEA for the local sheriff, who is their former leader

  • There is a body-harvesting cult lead by a man named Edgar Evernever

  • Archie went to prison after being framed for murder, and there started a football group and got his girlfriend and her friends to be cheerleader from the fence outside

  • Betty had a run-in with a man pretending to be her long lost brother, who tried to scam the family before she solved the situation by feeding him to a serial killer(who is later revealed to be her father)

  • Cheryl's mom starts doing sex work to make ends meet, and then opens a brothel operating out of a hotel

  • Archie gets mauled by a bear, and then is ritually cleansed of his trauma by murdering a random psychopath wearing bear skin

  • In the Season 3 finale, Archie, Veronica, and Betty are implied to have murdered Jughead on their senior year spring break

I kind of want to commission art of myself and all my girlfriends as Pokémon trainers.

I was so excited for my first visit to Pittsburgh this weekend that I decided to film our drive into/across downtown. Here’s the Liberty Tunnel, Liberty Bridge, and Interstate 579.

My friend Maggie was the one driving. I should convince her to get a Waterfall, now that I think of it.

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toad on the patio

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toad on the patio

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toad on the patio

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trans rights are human rights

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For some reason, Google Maps marks US 19 Truck in Pittsburgh as US 19 Bypass...even though it's clearly not bypassing anything.

Even weider, though, is that Apple Maps gives up entirely and just labels it as "19" in a generic square.

At least OpenStreetMap (not pictured) gets it right.